Wedding Gift

In this wonderful wedding season, choose an exquisite RM50 wedding gift to send the warmest wishes to the newlyweds. This budget-friendly gift not only represents your blessings but also conveys your best wishes for their blissful marriage.

Inside this RM50 wedding gift, we’ve carefully selected a range of heartwarming and meaningful items—whether it’s a pair of delicate wedding keepsakes, a book about love, or a box of delicious chocolates they can enjoy together. Each item symbolizes your wishes for the newlyweds’ future happiness, bringing a sweet start to their married life.

While the budget may be limited, this RM50 wedding gift will be a love-filled gesture, adding a touch of joy to the newlyweds’ journey of happiness. Let them feel your blessings and warmth as they embark on a beautiful marital journey.

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