Farewell Gift

As a colleague prepares to bid farewell, a unique RM50 farewell gift serves as a warm way to express your gratitude and well wishes. This budget-friendly gift is not just a symbol of farewell but also a token of your best wishes for their future endeavors.

Inside this RM50 farewell gift, we’ve carefully selected a range of items that are both commemorative and practical—whether it’s an exquisite notebook, a unique piece of stationery, or a heartfelt greeting card expressing appreciation. Each item represents your recognition of their contributions to the company and your optimistic expectations for their future career.

While the budget may be limited, this RM50 farewell gift will be a touching farewell, leaving a profound and warm impression on your colleague. Allow them to feel your blessings on their new journey and a deep sense of nostalgia for the collaborative moments of the past.

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